Chassis Laser Projection Body Trim Light

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  • Aviation aluminum: good heat treatment strengthening effect, good strength below 150 degrees, and particularly good low-temperature strength.
  • Adjust the installation angle at will: After the bracket is fixed, the irradiation angle of the pattern can be adjusted 360°, which is convenient for installation.
  • Double brackets are common to all models: most models are directly locked and fixed with large brackets, and a small number of models are installed with small brackets.
  • The pattern is clear and large-angle: The pattern is made of quartz glass lens, which is clear and does not fade, showing the effect of large-angle projection.



  1. Product life: 10000 hours

  2. Product material: aviation aluminum + LED light source

  3. Installation location: both sides of the front door chassis

  4. Working voltage: 8-36V

  5. Product power: 5w

  6. Waterproof rating: IPX4

  7. Suitable models: common to all cars


Package list:

  1. A box consists of the outer box + Trim Light*2


How to install:

1. Simply install the light with the opening docked and inserted for convenience.
2. NOTE: It is recommended to check for proper connection before installation.